World Bank grants $33 million loan to Togo

13 April 2010

Togo has received a loan of 33 million Dollars from the World Bank to finance the upgrading of the highway connecting the town of Aného to the border with Benin, as the press agency PANA reports.

As well as upgrading the highway, the work includes the enlarging of the Aného bridge, the construction of parking areas for large vehicles, and the modernisation of the Togo Customs facilities.

The highway is the extension of the Abidjan-Lagos corridor, which likewise received 72.2 million Dollars last month from the World Bank.

The traffic using the corridor is estimated at 10,000 people and several thousands of vehicles crossing the borders daily between the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria.

The aim is to stimulate commercial exchanges and transport of personnel, in order to allow for better regional integration and facilitate economic development.

Category: Transport

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