World Bank backing for Kenya's transport schemes

3 February 2011

Kenya's transport infrastructure is set to benefit from a $300 million (£185 million) cash injection from the World Bank.

The money will be given to the nation as part of the Country Partnership Strategy for Kenya, while the funds will be allocated over a three-year period.

Johannes Zutt, World Bank country director for the state, noted the organisation is trying to progress the organisation of the sector and "mitigate inherent risks".

"The World Bank Group remains committed to partnering with the government of Kenya in its efforts to improve the country's road network and urban infrastructure," he added.

Mr Zutt remarked while the body will not be investing in the Nairobi Toll Road project because of the way it is structured at the moment, it is considering the Kisumu-Kakamega-Webuye-Kitale corridor development.

It comes after it was reported in Business Daily that China is putting 78.6 billion Kenyan shillings (£643 million) into improving roads and an airport in Kenya.

Categories: Transport

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