Work starts on construction of hydroelectric dam in Niger

20 May 2011

Work on the construction of the first phase of the hydroelectric dam at Kandadji, on the river Niger, will start on 23 May.

"The Nigerian government has already released more than 2 million FCFA (4.3 million USD) with a view to getting the other, outside, funding unblocked, which amounts to 123 billion francs (266.7 million USD)", said Nigerian Prime Minister Birgi Rafini last Tuesday, whose words were reported by the Xinhua press agency.

The construction of this dam is particularly aimed at guaranteeing the country's energy independence.

This week, it was also announced by the head of the Swiss cooperation bureau, Nicolas Randin, that 6.5 million dollars in aid is being sent to Niger to support the sectors of education, transport and stock breeding, reports the APA press agency.

These funds concern mainly projects in the regions of Dosso, in the south of the country, and Maradi, in the east.

Categories: Energy, Transport

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