Which African countries are best equipped in NTIC?

23 November 2009

The United Nations Commerce and Development Conference submitted a report on Thursday 19 November 2009 on NTIC in Africa.

Gabon featured in first place in terms of the rate of coverage for mobile telephones, followed by Algeria and Libya.

With regard to the rate of increase in the use of the Internet, Tunisia holds the lead, with Morocco and the Seychelles in second and third places.

Finally, the African country with the most mobile telephone subscribers in 2008 was the island of Reunion, followed by Gabon and South Africa.

The report pays tribute to the efforts made across the continent in developing NTIC. In Burkina Faso, for example, a seminar was held on 19 November 2009 on the “development and implementation of TIC strategies”, according to the lefaso.net site.

The Minister of Posts and Information Technologies Noël Kaboré recalled that the Internet and the mobile telephone “represent high stakes for countries in the course of development.”<br/>

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