US firms awarded MCC contract in Tanzania

15 April 2011

Two US firms have been awarded a significant proportion of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact with Tanzania.

Symbion Power and Pike Electric have been named as the two companies who will be installing nearly 1,600 kilometres of power lines in the country.

The $206 million (£125.8 million) contract will connect six regions and provide electricity to over 330 communities previously without power.

Symbion and Pike have both revealed that they will be funding the training of local construction workers for the scheme, Africa Online reports.

The MCC's compact with Tanzania has been set up to specifically increase infrastructure investments in the transportation, energy and water sectors.

Through the MCC, the US government provides economic assistance to developing nations that are pursuing political and economic reforms by good governance, investing in people, and fostering economic freedom.

It was recently revealed that the MCC is investing $350.7 million in improving Malawi's energy infrastructure.

Categories: Energy

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