Uganda's transport network 'essential'

24 August 2009

Investing in Uganda's transport network is essential for the efficient movement of goods, it has been asserted.

Companies and Markets published a report stating the country's construction industry is expected to grow by 7.18 per cent - partly due to investment in transport projects.

It explained: "Uganda is a key transit route to other countries in East Africa, acting as a corridor connecting Kenya and its port of Mombasa to other countries in the region such as the DRC and Sudan."

The study noted although plans have been discussed to improve the railways, progress in this area has been slow.

However, the government has allocated $128 million (£77.56 million) to a road fund to develop routes and maintain the highways and byways.

In total, the 15-year National Transport Plan - which will cover road, rail, air and water - is expected to cost $900 billion.

The full Companies and Markets report covers the topic over 72 pages and can be purchased online for £250.

Categories: Transport

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