Uganda to exploit geothermal energy

7 June 2011

Uganda's energy shortage can be solved by exploiting the estimated 450 MW of geothermal energy present in the nation, it has been suggested.

However, in order to realise its full potential, the government needs to inject a further $35 million (£21.3 million) in surface exploration, exploration drilling and installation of a power plant, on top of the $2 million invested since 1993.

"Uganda has considerable potential for renewable energy from geothermal projects, especially in regions with volcanic activity," Assistant Commissioner, department of Geological survey and mines, Godfrey Bahati told East African Business Week.

The Government of Uganda recently recognised a need to promote the use of renewable energy sources as alternatives or supplements to other traditional sources like hydropower and fossil fuels.

"With so many projects that need to be worked on including other alternative sources of power, geothermal energy has been left in a shadow," explained Mr Bahati.

It comes as African governments were been urged to come up with a plan of action regarding how best to tackle issues regarding energy accessibility on the continent.

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