Tunisia: Two huge wind power and hydroelectric energy projects under way

6 January 2010

Two wind power generating centres are currently under construction in the region of Bizerte, in Tunisia.

The total amount of the work is estimated at 287 million Dollars, financed within the framework of a development aid fund (DAF) from the Spanish government.

The centres will have a total capacity of 120 megawatts (MW), with construction spread over thirty months.

STEG, the national electricity company, is also planning the installation of 26 additional wind generator units at each site, financed by the fund to the amount of 150 million Dollars.

This operation should allow the capacity of the centres to increase from 120 to 190 MW.

In addition to this, work is under way to connect a number of dam projects to one another in the north of Tunisia, by way of a network of canals and a pumping station.

The project is part of a master plan for water in Northern Tunisia, the aim of which is to achieve more effective management of water resources.<br/>

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