Transport infrastructure improvements for South Africa

17 February 2011

South Africa's transport infrastructure is to improve as the government tackles the issue of potholes on its primary and secondary roads.

Some 22 million South African Rand (£1.9 million) has been earmarked for the project, which is expected to generate up to 70,000 new jobs.

It is called S'hamba Sonke - which translates as Walking Together - and the scheme is set to be rolled out nationally with immediate effect.

Transport minister Sibusiso Ndebele said: "Historically, as a country, we have invested mainly in the construction of roads without striking a balance between maintenance and construction."

He added because of this a number of the transport routes in the nation have suffered from years of degradation and are in need of improvement.

Mr Ndebele observed the "international benchmark" requires a 60/40 split when it comes to maintenance and construction.

He recently revealed broadband capabilities are to improve in the country due to a 243 million South African Rand investment.

Category: Transport

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