South Africa's broadband capabilities 'on the up'

15 February 2011

South Africa has witnessed a significant improvement in its broadband capabilities thanks to a 243 million South African rand investment (£20 million).

This came from the state-owned Broadband Infraco, which is enhancing the fibre optic network in the country, the Times Live reports.

Because of this, some 12,250 km is now covered by the cables countrywide, while connectivity has also been expanded to other nations in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele noted the 2010 legacy implementation plan will be ready to be carried out in February and March of 2011.

Some of the equipment used during the Fifa World Cup last year will be redeployed in rural areas to help improve connectivity.

"[The] government intends using the migration process as a catalyst for the resuscitation of the electronics manufacturing industry," the news provider reported Ndebele as saying.

A $300 million (£186 million) line of credit was recently advanced by the African Development Bank to help the SADC pay for infrastructural projects.

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