South African wind farm gets 'increased investment'

6 December 2010

A South African wind farm will benefit from a 146 million rand (£13.4 million) investment in it.

The project, which is located in the Eastern Cape province, will improve the energy infrastructure of the area, Business Week reports.

And the money received by Red Cap, the Cape Town-based renewable energy company leading the project, will be used to purchase new turbines for the 100-megawatt wind farm under development in the Koega region.

Mark Tanton, managing director of the organisation, said the development is being advanced in order to coincide with the country's renewable energy feed-in tariff programme.

In total 9,000 hectares of land has been secured from farmers in order to facilitate the project, the news provider observed.

It comes as the idea of importing solar power from Africa is being discussed ass a possibility and such a move could then see parabolic mirrors capturing the heat from the Sahara Desert.

Category: Energy

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