South Africa metrorail set for upgrades through investment

18 June 2012

South Africa's railway sector is to benefit from investment of up to 263 million rand (£20.29 million) as the government looks to improve infrastructure, All Africa reports.

Chief executive officer of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa), Mosengwa Mofi, said that it is essential that the first steps are taken to improve out-of-date railway.

He added that key problems include old rolling stock, vandalism and a lack of maintenance in the past and that this funding will go a long way to resolving these issues.

Mr Mofi explained that investment must be made now, otherwise problems could escalate.

"The service is under continuous pressure and we cannot afford to sit back and do nothing," he told the news provider.

"Metrorail plays a very significant role as it caters for a large portion of the public transport sector."

It comes after Transnet SOC Ltd revealed that it, too, would be investing around 300 billion rand (£22.9 billion) in improving railways, ports and fuel pipelines.

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