Slow implementation of infrastructure projects constrains intra-African trade, says AfDB president

8 February 2012

African Development Bank | February 2, 2012

Lack of political will is slowing down implementation of vital regional infrastructure projects in Africa, the president of the African Development Bank has said.

Addressing the opening of the 18th African Union Summit in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, Dr Donald Kaberuka said the lack of inter-country cooperation, rather than funding, was often the main barrier to the launch and completion of critical regional infrastructure projects in Africa. This, he said, had a negative impact on the growth of the intra-African trade. ‘Boosting Intra-African Trade’ was the theme of the summit.

Dr Kaberuka gave the example of the Gambia Bridge, to link The Gambia and Senegal, as one AfDB project that had been delayed for many years due to political reasons. Following AfDB’s intervention, however, construction of the bridge is expected to begin soon.

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