SA asks investors for proposals on green energy plants

2 August 2011

South Africa (SA) has called for investors to come forward with proposals on renewable energy plants in an attempt to boost its green infrastructure.

The nation's Department of Energy advertised for bids to build its first environmentally-friendly resource facilities in the Sunday Times newspaper.

Investors who register their plans will have to pay 100,000 South African Rand (£9,097) for each MW of installed capacity they propose, according to the department.

Bidders could submit ideas for energy produced from hydro, bio-mass, bio-gas, solar, wind and landfill gas supplies, the government body said.

This move comes as SA announced last week (July 28th) that it aims to buy 1,000 MW of green energy before 2013, with 3,800 MW purchased by 2016.

And the advertisement follows the agreement signed by SA's Department of Energy with the International Energy Agency last month for "mutually beneficial cooperation".

It was intended to help SA receive knowledge, experience and guidance on developing energy infrastructure developments in the nation.  

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