Renewable energy plans for Tanzania receive funding

7 April 2010

Electricity provision in Tanzania could become more accessible and sustainable following a World Bank grant.

The Energy Development and Access expansion Project (TEDAP) will see a $25 million (£16.4 million) credit after the board of executive directors at the bank approved the funds.

It is hoped that renewable energy can be developed in Tanzania, with greenhouse gas emissions targeted to be cut.

Rural areas will use renewable sources for their electricity as part of the TEDAP scheme, it was announced.

John Murray McIntire, World Bank country director for Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi, said: "It is our hope that this additional support will enable the provision of lower cost electricity, help alleviate the recurrent power shortages and improve energy security."

This will be done by diversifying sources where electricity is generated, he added.

According to previous reports from the World Bank, TEDAP will focus on Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam - the tradition capital of the country.

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