Renewable and low-emission projects needs 'significant investment'

27 November 2009

The African Development Bank has warned that the continent's countries must begin upping their infrastructure investment in renewable energy and other projects to cut carbon emissions.

Gilbert Mbesherubusa, infrastructure director at the bank, has called on nations to boost their investment in this area in order to reduce their carbon footprints and meet international targets on climate change.

Mr Mbesherubusa added that countries should also consider increasing their input towards energy-efficiency projects as another important step in cutting their overall emissions.

But Africa is already having to cope with the reality of climate change - not simply its theoretical consequences - the AFP has reported.

According to the news agency, which covreed the issue prior to the Copenhagen summit, prolonged droughts, heavy flooding and unpredictable weather patterns are just some of the phenomena being seen in some parts of Africa as the nations that pollutes the least appears to be suffering the brunt of climate change.

Categories: Energy

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