President Zuma: Nationalisation is not policy

17 February 2010

Nationalisation is not government policy in South Africa, president Jacob Zuma has announced.

In reference to a debate over the country's mines, the president explained that the government will not look to nationalisation.

The militant Youth League, which is part of the ruling party, has called for this step to be taken.

But certain investors in the sector have said to be concerned at what such a move would mean and the repercussions this would have.

Leader of the Youth League Julius Malema has fronted the argument and president Zuma said a democracy allows for such a debate.

He urged people who disagree with Mr Malema's views to discuss their point rather than call for his silence.

Zuma has also reminded people of his commitment to the country's infrastructure.

"In my address I said our long-term infrastructure investment programme will be one of the platforms that will underpin our growth in the next four years," the president explained.

Speaking at the state of the nation address, the president revealed some 846 billion RFF (£951.8 million) would be spent on the sector.

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