Partnership critical to cross border mobile services in Africa

10 April 2012

Vanguard - 10 April 2012

Sustainable development of cross boarder mobile money services in Africa requires partnership in which industry stakeholders, policymakers, and regulators cooperatively share information, says African Development Bank (AfDB).

Ms. Moono Mupotola, Manager, Regional Trade and Integration Division, NEPAD, Regional Integration and Trade Department of the African Development Bank Group  made this point  at a workshop on “Regulation of Cross-Border Mobile Payments and Regional Financial Integration.

Highlighting the importance of cross-border mobile payments and their implications for achieving Africa’s financial inclusion, regional financial integration, and economic development agenda, she said, “The ‘mobile payments opportunity’ is helping to bring millions of people out of obscurity, because their cell phone gadgets have the ability to facilitate instant access not only to financial services, but also to the rest of the marketplace,” she stated.


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