ONE calls for more infrastructure spending for Africa from G20 group

16 August 2011

Global campaigning organisation ONE has recommended that a greater level of investment is put into Africa's development.

A spokesman for the organisation said the group has called upon the G20 High Level Panel to place more emphasis on improving the continent's infrastructure.

He stated that the committee needs to raise its financing for this sector as "developing country governments typically have limited capacity to invest further".

However, the spokesman noted that while there has been recent recognition that infrastructure helps to reduce poverty, sub-Saharan Africa receives $4 billion (£2.4 billion) in Official Development Assistance.

This is less than ten per cent of total investment in the region's development.

Indeed, Tanzania's finance minister Mustafa Mkulo recently stated that $525 million is required in 2011/12 for the nation to improve its transport infrastructure, according to Bloomberg.

He said better road and rail networks are needed to reach locations in the East African nation with the "highest economic potential".  

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