Nigerian government 'committed to hydropower generation'

10 September 2010

The commitment of the Nigerian government to power generation has been reaffirmed.

According to This Day, plans have been revealed that will see the Kainji and Jebba dams rehabilitated so they will have the capacity to generate 760 megawatts of hydro-electric power.

Chief Obadiah Ando, the minster for water and resources, also noted plans are underway to improve the standard of life for up to 30 million individuals who live on the banks of the River Niger.

"The huge investments of the Niger Basin Authority [are] designed at developing the socio-economic infrastructure [and protecting] the resources [and] ecosystems," he stated.

Chief Ando observed the scheme has the backing of the World Bank and it will ensure power is achieved though this medium.

It comes after the African Development Fund announced they will be investing in green energy as they try to tackle the issue of climate change and encourage low-carbon economic growth across the continent.

Categories: Water, Energy

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