Nigeria water market associated with distinct lack of legislation and regulation

10 April 2014

Nigeria's water sector is severely underdeveloped and there is a distinct lack of legislation and regulation governing the industry. Water infrastructure is also lacking, and the disorganised Water Ministry and uninviting business environment prevailing in Nigeria is likely to deter investment into the industry.

With estimates stating that 42% of the country's population still without sufficient access to safe water, and with roughly 68% lacking improved sanitation, there is clearly a pressing need for improving Nigeria's water sector.

The government has recognised the issues prevailing within the sector and aim to target them as a key way of alleviating poverty within Nigeria and to coincide with the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Rural supply schemes, sanitation projects and distribution upgrades and developments are being undertaken by government agencies, however progress is notably slow.

A number of charities operating in Nigeria are implementing WASH programmes and supply projects in order to improve water services and funding continues to be committed by financial institutions like the African Development Bank and the World Bank.

Category: Water

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