Nigeria making massive investment to upgrade energy infrastructures

21 September 2009

The Minister of State with responsibility for energy, Nuhu Somo Way, has just announced approval by Nigeria of a number of new contracts, in particular in the field of energy, amounting to 43.5 million Dollars.

During an energy conference in Abudja the Minister drew attention to the urgent need for the infrastructures to be upgraded. At present Nigeria has a capacity of 2450 Megawatts (MW).

Nuhu Somo Way estimates that the country could produce 5200 MW in the immediate future if the technical problems associated with the supply of water and gas were to be resolved.

The Minister reiterated the promise by the President of Nigeria, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, that the country would be generating 6000 MW before the end of 2009: “6000 MW is a target. It is a goal which must be achieved. We are going in the right direction.”

The announcement comes following the statement by former President Ernest Shonekan, who revealed on Wednesday 16th September that Nigeria has spent ten billion Dollars over the last ten years in improving the country’s energy infrastructures. <br/>

Category: Energy

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