Nigeria 'has undertaken 1,106 power projects'

8 January 2010

The minister of power Dr Lanre Babalola announced at a press conferences this week that the Nigerian government had undertaken 1,106 energy projects in a bid to boost electricity availability in the country.

He stated 428 of them had already been completed and 678 were nearing completion, while their sum total would bring some 2,349 MW to the national grid.

Dr Babalola was quoted as saying: "We are ... improving our capacity which is currently over 5,600 MW and we are also reinforcing both transmission and distribution networks."

The minister added that the increased availability of gas would be used to help meet targets.

His statement came hot on the heels of the government's failure to achieve the goal of 6,000 MW of electricity generation it had promised to achieve by December 2009.

The Nigerian Guardian recently relayed conclusions of a journalistic investigation suggesting certain ministers were facing sanctions over the shortcoming and a reshuffling of key players was on the cards.

Categories: Energy

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