Nigeria: Gas project to create 500,000 jobs

28 March 2011

The implementation of a vast gas project by the government of Nigeria is to create more than 500,000 jobs.

This announcement was made last Thursday by Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, who said that this project will entail investments of some 25 billion dollars in gas processing, transmission and downstream gas utilization projects, reports the AFP press agency.

The project also makes provision for the installation of a central gas processing facility, a large petrochemical plant and two fertilizer factories.

That is why the Nigerian government has formed partnerships with three giants in crude oil and the fertilizer industry: the Indian company Nagaruja, Chevron and Saudi company Xenel, reports the newspaper Le Griot.

Gas reserves should therefore fuel thermal power stations and alleviate the electricity shortages affecting Nigeria.

"This program will put an end to the gas shortage in Nigeria, bearing in mind that the markets created constitute an opportunity to use all the gas currently being wasted" said Mr. Jonathan.

Category: Energy

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