Nigeria and Cameroon to benefit from transport infrastructure

15 February 2011

A new road is being built that will connect Nigeria and Cameroon, with funding for the project coming from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The Nigeria - Cameroon Multinational Highway and Transport Facilitation Project is due to be completed in 2013 and it will tie a 433km-long corridor between the two countries, reports.

As well as the AfDB, investment is also coming from the World Bank and Japan's Agency for International Development, with the cumulative total said to be $500 million (£312 million).

It is hoped the new road will strengthen trade relations between the two nations, while the 11 million people who will live beside it will also benefit.

El Hadj Oumarou, general manager of the Cameroon Land Freight Management Office, said: "We want to access the West African market and the starting point is this road."

A new border posting between the two countries is also to be created, according to the Economic Community of West African States.

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