Nigeria: 78 million Dollars for the water sector

4 September 2009

The African Development Bank has just granted a loan of 78 million Dollars to Nigeria for upgrading infrastructures in the water supply and drainage sector.

The prime objective of the project is to improve access to the drinking water supply services in the cities of Ibadan (2.5 million inhabitants) and Jalingo (170,000 inhabitants).

The work will involve the upgrading and extension of the existing infrastructure, as well as the overhauling of drainage systems in public locations such as schools or markets.

The aim is to achieve an 80% access rate to drinking water between now and 2014, which at present is only 25% for Ibadan and 30% in Jalingo.

The second aim is to improve the management of drainage services by the implementation of institutional reforms.

The project, which will be carried out over a period of five years, will contribute, among other things, to improving public health and the quality of life in Ibadan and Jalingo.<br/>

Category: Water

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