New transport project 'to improve bridge in Mali'

29 September 2010

The African Development Bank has approved plans to give $18 million (£11.8 million) to aid a transport project in Mali.

It will improve the infrastructure of the Point Y Bridge Woyowayanko in Bamako, with the money representing 41 per cent of the total cost of the scheme.

The structure currently operates as a part of the corridor linking through to Kankan, Guinea.

Once the operation is completed, the traffic of goods between Mali and Guinea will increase from its current level of 59,000 tonnes to 120,000 tonnes by 2018.

That is not the only benefit, as the enhancements will allow drivers and motorcyclists to travel on the road at a higher average speed once the work is completed.

It is hoped the strategy will aid the country's wider policy of improving regional integration in the area.

The news comes after the World Bank revealed a transport project in Rwanda had augmented links between the country's major cities.

Categories: Transport

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