New hydropower plant for Ethiopia

14 February 2011

A 6,000-MW hydropower scheme has been launched in Ethiopia that will improve the energy infrastructure in the country.

The development, which has been dubbed Project X, is a central part of the plan to build generational capacity up to 10,000 MW, online news outlet Pumps and Systems reports.

It is being headed up by the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and Salini Costrutori, with the latter being an Italian construction company.

The news provider observed it is an attempt by the country to exploit the potential it has for hydropower schemes.

Salini Costrutori has already taken part in building the 420-MW Gilgel 11 and 460-MW Tana Belesa hydropower plants, which currently provide 47 per cent of the country's generational capacity.

Project X is expected to be part of a three-dam scheme that will be launched during 2011.

It comes after Energy Pulse noted Ethiopia requires investment in its energy sector in order to take advantage of the natural resources at its disposal.

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