New energy project to enhance Ethiopia's electricity grid

5 January 2011

Ethiopia is set to benefit from improved energy infrastructure thanks to a $232 million (£149 million) investment.

The money will come from the African Development Bank in the form of loans and grants and it will help the country achieve its aim of increasing power production capabilities from 2,000 MW to 10,000 MW, reports.

According to the organisation, the commitment will bring about the construction of "four 230-kV transmission lines and related substations".

It is part of a long-term strategy to improve the energy infrastructure of the country, which will see some $12 billon invested over a 25-year period.

The news provider observed Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi recently told Reuters expanding the industry would be his priority over the next five years.

It comes after the government also committed to the building of 71,000 km of rural roads in a five-year period, with $9 billion in funding earmarked to complete it.

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