Namibia: Country Ranks Poorly on ICT Usage

17 April 2012 - 11 April 2012

Windhoek — A new report on the usage of information technology indicates that Namibia is one of the worst performing countries, when it comes to the usage in new information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Namibia has been described as a country where the usage of ICTs is low and not affordable. The country also lacks an innovative environment and government usage of technology is appalling.

With such bad scores, Namibia's overall ranking is 105 out of 142 countries with a score of 3,35.

The report, Global Information Technology, is released by the World Economic Forum, and measures how countries take advantage of ICTs and other new technologies to increase their growth and well being, using the Networked Readiness Index.

The report was released on 04 April and is available on the World Economic Forum website.

In comparison, Namibia's immediate neighbours to the east and south performed better with Botswana ranking 89 with a score of 3.58 and South Africa coming in at 72 with 3.87. Angola was worse with a ranking of 140 and a score of 2,49.


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