MTN Nigeria announces expansion of internet services

9 March 2012

One of the leading internet providers in Africa, MTN, has announced plans to invest significant sums of money in the internet infrastructure in Nigeria, the Daily Trust has reported.

Wale Goodluck, MTN Nigeria's corporate services executive, has already earmarked as much as N214 billion for network expansion in the country this year.

Speaking to journalists in the Nigerian capital of Lagos, Mr Goodluck observed that a significant proportion of the money will be used to build a metropolitan fibre network.

Additionally, he said, the firm hoped to improve its backhaul technology operations.

And thanks to MTN Nigeria's underwater cable, he explained that West African Cable Services would go live by end of April.

"It is expected to carry live traffic. MTN data strategy is hybrid and it will help in putting a Wifi cloud in almost every educational community, which will result in much improved experience," he explained to the news provider.

Categories: ICT

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