Many African lands 'suitable for rural infrastructure investment'

26 August 2010

Africa is home to a quarter of the world's arable land and would be able to support its own food production with the proper help and infrastructure, one expert has said.

Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, writer for the Guardian's Katine Chronicles blog, said that despite the amount of land available, the continent only produces ten per cent of the world's food.

She explained that the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network discussions in Namibia this week should address the issue of investment into Africa's food security development.

"Improving agricultural productivity will require a combination of increased training and market access as well as continued research to produce further innovations," Ms Sibanda added.

Business Day recently reported that Henk Langenhoven, economist at the South African Federation of Civil Engineering, has told the Rode Conference in Santon that spending on infrastructure in South Africa will be needed in order for the country's economy to continue to grow.

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