Mali receives money from World Bank to enhance infrastructure

21 December 2010

The World Bank will support Mali as it tries to improve its energy, transport and irrigation infrastructure.

This is according to Robert B Zoellick, who is the president of the organisation and he hopes to promote regional integration and improve economic development in the nation.

"Lowering energy and transportation costs and diversifying beyond gold mining will lay a stronger foundation for job creation and shared growth," he noted.

Mr Zoellick visited the country for two days to see what progress is being made and he saw a successful, locally-owned business supported by the World Bank during his stay.

The International Development Association has already committed $140 million (£90 million) to Mali for various schemes, including expanding access to electricity.

It noted the priority for spending is in infrastructure development.

Mr Zoellick also stated he is happy with the efforts being made by officials in Zambia to try and encourage economic growth.

Categories: General, Water, Transport, Energy

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