Launch of studies for several energy projects in Cameroon

5 July 2011

Feasibility studies for the realization of several projects in the energy infrastructure domain have just commenced in Cameroon.

They concern the construction of a gas-fired power station at Limbé, the installation of an oil pipeline for terrestrial transport of oil products and the creation of a system to supply the national market with natural gas, reports Cameroon Tribune.

Two American companies have been selected to conduct these nine-month feasibility studies: Delpos International Ltd. et Worley Parsons Group Inc.

The power station at Limbé wil have a generating capacity of 400 megawatts. some of the gas will be used to produce domestic gas and the rest could be sent to oil refineries to improve the quality of the crude.

Elsewhere, the Central African States Development Bank has just approved financing of 22 million USD to fund several projects, in particular in the energy domain in Cameroon, Gabon and Congo, it was announced last Tuesday by the PANA press agency.

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