Key infrastructure projects identified in Africa

3 February 2011

A number of key infrastructure projects have been earmarked for priority in Africa.

The schemes have been chosen based on the Africa Action Plan (AAP) developed by the African Union and the New Partnership for Africa.

Transport infrastructure is set to benefit from any decisions made as road and rail developments have been forwarded by both Senegal and South Africa, as they would like to see the Dakar-Ndjamena-Djibouti line and the North-South Corridor completed respectively.

Rwanda is championing the cause of ICT and fibre broadband, while it would also like to link this network into neighbouring states.

Alex Rugamba, African Development Bank (AfDB) regional integration director, said: "The launch of the AAP ... puts the continent on the right track for bridging some of its acute deficits in regional interconnectivity."

The revised AAP will be financed by the AfDB.

It comes after the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa called for better regional integration in the landmass.

Categories: General, ICT, Transport

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