Kenya constructs new roads thanks to Chinese investment

31 May 2012

Investors and holidaymakers have been drawn to Kenya in recent months thanks to new roads that have been constructed by Chinese construction firms, has reported.

The country's image has improved in the international community thanks to the much-improved road network, including the Thika Superhighway, which links the capital Nairobi to the town of Thika.

Stretching 50km in length, the road has helped to ease congestion and aided the transportation of goods around the country, the economic hub of east Africa.

"Previously when Kenyans travelled to countries like South Africa, they would marvel at the roads," Chris Kirubi, a prominent Kenyan businessman, told the news provider.

"Today, those types of roads have come to Kenya and this gives our people pride."

Recently, the Kenyan government confirmed that as much as $300 million (£195 million) has been set aside to improve services in a number of key area, including upgrading the drainage system.

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