Infrastructure maintenance backlog to result in more tenders

17 February 2012

Creamer Media's Engineering News (South Africa) | February 17, 2012

There is a significant maintenance backlog in the water and wastewater sectors, with much of the infrastructure requiring recapitalisation, which should result in a lot more tenders going out to the market, says specialist maintenance service company Bosch Munitech MD Steve McCarley.

He says government has begun addressing the backlog, but notes that leadership at municipal level needs to be strengthened and more atten- tion must be paid to operations and maintenance to ensure recapitalisation gains are maximised.

“Resources, both human and financial, need to be directed towards an inte- grated solution that includes skills development, rehabilitation, refurbishment and operations and maintenance of infrastructure, which is crucial to guarantee that the recapitalisation’s value is fully realised, as well as that the life of infrastructure is prolonged,” he states.

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