ICT 'to be introduced to Ghana farmers'

6 August 2010

Information and communications technology (ICT) in Ghana will be developed in order to extend it to rural communities, it has emerged.

Computer micro-processor manufacturer Intel Corporation has created a range of initiatives to achieve this aim, the Accra Mail reports.

According to the publication, ICT will be developed across the country, but there will be a focus on teaching farmers ways to use the technology.

Intel - which claims to be taking "endless efforts" in fields such as environmental sustainability and education - is already said to have a local presence in Ghana.

Olubunmi Ekundare, corporate affairs manager of Group Intel, was quoted by the publication as saying: "We are looking within the next … year to bring ICT to the forefront in terms of education and small businesses."

He added existing programmes have allowed teachers to access PCs and use ICT, but the organisation hopes farmers can now benefit from similar work. 

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