ICT infrastructure 'has expanded in Ethiopia'

16 December 2010

Recent years have seen information and communication technology (ICT) spread across Ethiopia and bring a number of benefits to the African country.

The World Bank explains it has funded a number of projects and will continue to do so, allowing a greater number of communities to experience ICT.

And work can still be done to improve the platform, with the nation ranking 147 out of 154 countries in last year's International Telecommunication Union's ICT Development Index.

Some $16 million (£10.25 million) has been financed via the bank's ICT Assisted Development scheme (ICTAD).

Thanks to the initiative, 65 community ICT centres have been created throughout Ethiopia, bringing the technology to zones that could not previously access it and training up more than 3,283 people in related services.

Business Daily Africa recently revealed Kenya has seen a number of benefits thanks to the infrastructure, with ICT projects contributing to the country's economic growth.

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