ICA has created Youtube playlists featuring videos on African Infrastructure from African & international sources

21 March 2012

ICA has created a Youtube channel with five playlists featuring African Infrastructure news from African and international sources.

Playlists will be updated regularly with a variety of infrastructure news videos, including interviews, news segments from African news stations, videos by international institutions and ICA-member organizations, like the World Bank, etc.

Click on the five infrastructure categories below to view the corresponding ICA Youtube video playlists:

Energy | nuclear, hydro, renewable sources, etc

Transport | ports, rail, roads, African corridors, etc.

Water | water supply, transboundary resource management, climate change, etc.

ICT | internet, broadband, mobile, fiber optic cable, etc.

General Infrastructure | general presentation/discussion of infrastructure issues, including those involving two or more sectors.

Categories: Transport, General, ICT, Water, Energy

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