IAEA: Nuclear good for Nigeria

7 December 2009

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) gave its approval last week to the possibility of a nuclear power plant in Nigeria to meet the country's growing energy needs.

Director-general representative Dr Vincent Nkong-Njock stressed a prerequisite for this programme would be "sustainable national infrastructure".

"[This] is an issue of primal importance and should be painstakingly developed, exercising the necessary caution," he noted.

Dr Nkong-Njock added human resources - as well as financial and logistical - would also need to be priority areas in the construction of such a project.

His comments were made in Abuja at the presentation of the Strategic Plan for the Implementation of the National Nuclear Power Programme.

The representative also highlighted the importance of creating "the appropriate technological, economic and social conditions" to support this type of plan.

First lady Hajia Turai Umaru Yar-adua had assured the IAEA in a statement in September that the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission had already developed complete regulations and guidelines to ensure safety and security in the implementation of a nuclear power programme.

Categories: Energy

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