Ghana may lose opportunities as an oil producing country due to power constraints

18 April 2012

GhanaWeb - 17 April 2012

Ghana might lose opportunities presented by her new potential as a major gas producing country in the West-African Sub-Region if she failed to resolve the current power challenges, Mr Goosie Tannoh, an Energy Consultant said in Accra on Tuesday.

Addressing a dialogue session at the Third Ghana Policy Fair, Mr Tannoh said Ghana’s current status as an important oil producing country presented her with a major growth of the industrial sector to ensure employment and general economic growth.

However, the numerous challenges of the energy sector, in terms of ensuring sustainable power supply to boost the performances in the industrial sector, had accounted for their poor performances.

Mr Tannoh, contributing on the topic “Meeting Ghana’s Energy Needs-Current Status and Preparations for the Future” said Ghana had come a long way in terms of sustaining her energy supply needed by major industries such as Volta Aluminum Company (VALCO) and other manufacturing sectors.

He said Ghana’s current status as an oil producing country was bound to attract major heavy duty industries, such as steel and fabrication, which would need substantial energy supplies to boost their productions.


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