Gambian energy minister: Funding needed for rural energy projects

16 September 2009

Gambia energy minister Ousman Jammeh has called for donors to help fund two projects identified in 2007 to improve rural electrification.

Represented by minister of the Interior Ousman Sonko, Mr Jammeh was reported by Foroyaa newspaper to have recognised the need for electrical service to the majority of provincial villages.

A government study on the subject uncovered a potential for using solar and wind energy, he said, but they were still waiting on financing offers.

The minister reported that a solar power proposal would involve the distribution of 10,200 solar panel systems for residential use as well units for schools, ICT centres and health facilities.

A four-megawatt wind park pilot project had been proposed at Tujereng, Kombo South.

Foroyaa's reporter Lamin Fatty was recently told by an electricity technician for the National Water and Electricity Company station that the unreliability of service in regions such as Basse - which has been experiencing power cuts - was an issue of "national concern".

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