Funding aims to improve Uganda's rural infrastructure

23 May 2011

Rural infrastructure in Uganda is set to be improved following the approval of a $64.8 million (£39.6 million) loan to the country.

Offered by the African Development Fund, the cash will be used to improve the quality of access roads in rural communities in the nation.

It will also go some way towards bettering the supply of electricity and energy to more remote areas and building of markets structures for residents.

The East African reports that the funding will benefit up to 1.9 million households covering approximately 30 per cent of Uganda's total land area.

In recent years, donor-funded programmes in the agriculture sector have given hope that projects geared at increasing productivity could restore agriculture as the economy's leading earner.

Despite this, agriculture accounts for less than 20 per cent of Uganda's $17.5 billion GDP.

Available data shows that 1,450km of community access and feeder roads out of the targeted 2,900km have been built since 2007.

Categories: Energy, Transport

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