Experts call for African energy targets

2 June 2011

African governments have been urged to come up with a plan of action regarding how best to tackle issues regarding energy accessibility on the continent.

Experts have recommended that governments formulate an action plan to bring energy accessibility to 100 per cent of the population with a minimum of 250 kWh per person by 2030, reports.

The call was made during a workshop on scaling up mini-hydro development in Africa attended by participants from Rwanda, Chad, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Gabon.

The minister of state in charge of energy and water, Coletha Ruhamya said the targets recommended by the experts were realistic based on Rwanda's experience.

"If we [Rwanda] can target 50 per cent - from the current 14 per cent - by 2017, why not 100 per cent by 2030?" he asked delegates.

The experts recommended setting up of a Master Plan for Rural Energy Development by 2015.

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