Event to promote renewable sources of energy in Africa

9 April 2010

The third international event relating to solar energy and other renewable energy sources in the member countries of the Sahelo-Saharan Community, which consists of 28 member countries in West Africa, was held on 8 April.

Each member country organized conferences and open days to sensitise the general public and organizations involved in energy throughout the world to the advantages of renewable sources of energy.

Last Tuesday the Benin Minister of Water and Energy, Sacca Laffia, in a speech broadcast on national television, emphasised the importance of renewable sources of energy in developing sources of energy in a durable manner and fighting poverty, as reported in the daily “L’autre Quotidian”.

An important step was taken recently in the promotion of renewable sources of energy in Africa with the founding of the African Alliance for Renewable Sources of Energy.

The objective of the Alliance is to act as an interface between the main parties in this sector, such as the decision makers, businessmen, and members of civil society, in order to stimulate the creation of projects.

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