EU and Africa to meet over energy

15 September 2010

Two EU officials will meet with 15 African ministers to try and agree upon energy access and security in the continent.

Commissioner for development Andris Piebalgs and commissioner for energy Gunther Oettinger are the two representatives from the EU and they will attend the Africa-EU Energy Partnership in Vienna.

The meeting will see the launch of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme, which will try to bring the necessary renewable technologies to the land mass.

It is hoped this move will allow for new industrial, trade and business cooperation between the two areas.

Some ways in which Africa may be able to benefit from the link up include electricity generation from renewable energy, as well as using it for cooking and water-heating processes.

It comes after a scheme in Morocco designed to improve access to water for the country's inhabitants was supported by the World Bank.

The programme will be carried out by the national water supply board of Morocco (ONEP).

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