Ethiopia's energy infrastructure to improve due to wind turbines

7 January 2011

Energy infrastructure in Ethiopia is set receive a boost as 34 wind turbines are to be installed in the country.

Located 95km northeast from the capital Addis Ababa, the Adama wind farm will received the equipment from Chinese firm Goldwind, which marks the first time they have agreed a deal to supply machinery in Africa.

The 1.5MW direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbines will help to improve the energy infrastructure of the country and it comes after revealed the African Development Bank approved a $232 million (£149 million) investment in the nation's electricity grid.

Mr Wu Gang, chief executive office of Goldwind, said: "[We hope to show] Adama wind farm ... as a model for clean energy projects and establish a good image for Chinese wind power equipment in the African market."

The turbines will be delivered to the landlocked country in three different batches between March and June 2011.

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