Energy self sufficiency to be improved in Kenya?

23 August 2010

Kenya's energy self sufficiency could be set to be improved by biofuels.

According to the African Centre for Technology Studies, the country has to zone areas of growing high yield feed stocks to create biofuels as a green energy source to substitute fossil fuels.

Writing for Daily Nation, Kennedy Senelwa suggests biofuels have the potential to cut Kenya's overdependence on imported crude oil and refined fuel and also cause a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

He notes the country currently has a five-year strategy to encourage the processing and marketing of environmentally-friendly biofuels made from Jatropha curcas among other trees, while it is believed bio-refineries will enhance infrastructure.

Kalonzo Musyoka, vice-president of Kenya, has recently been in talks regarding the country's transport infrastructure.

According to the Daily Nation, Mr Musyoka spoke with those in charge of a number of Chinese firms that carry out business in Kenya. 

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