East Africa to see transport infrastructure upgrade

9 November 2009

An improvement to the road networks in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti should see trade improved on a regional level, it has been suggested.

East African Business Week relayed quotes suggesting the approval of $452 million (£270.2 million) for this project could mark the beginning of a new era in east African trade.

Amadou Oumarou, sector engineer with funding body the African Development Bank, noted these projects were part of a long-term poverty-reducing programme for these countries and would benefit the entire eastern part of the continent.

He was quoted by the news source as saying: "It will promote intraregional trade, reduce transport and shipping costs between Kenya and Ethiopia [and] reduce transit time for imports and exports."

Mr Oumarou went on to assert Ethiopian commerce would also benefit as the upgrade would see an increase in volume of their goods going through Mombasa port into Kenya and the Horn of Africa.

Improving Ethiopia's roads was noted as an integral part of the AfDB's Plan for Accelerated Progress and Sustained Development to End Poverty for the country, which was mapped out in 2006. <br/>

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